The long-term vision of the WINNER program is the following: "People living within targeted corridors will have sustainably increased incomes, driven by agricultural development, reduced threat from flooding, and a stronger private sector.  Their experience will serve as a model approach to replicate both within and beyond the targeted corridors".


To achieve the project vision, our new approach represents an augmentation from previous years, broadening to focus not only on farmers but on entire value chains.  It is aimed at reversing the course of economic and environmental decline in targeted corridors. We recognize the central role farmers must play to revitalize the Haitian rural economy. We are helping farmers acquire the resources and capacity to become more productive and generate higher incomes in a sustainable manner that protects the environment. We also work with the government at all levels, the private sector and other stakeholders to promote and protect productive investments, improve and enforce the legal and regulatory framework. We create strong economic linkages between farmer organizations and private enterprises that foster new business opportunities and lead to improved livelihoods.


  • Speed and focus. Intervene rapidly and generate tangible results, while remaining focused on the project purpose.
  • Impact. Concentrate efforts and resources where we can maximize impact in terms of risk reduction, food production and improved livelihoods.
  • Hope and empowerment. To stop environmental degradation and expanding poverty, provide farmers with enough resources and training to give them hope and a chance to improve their lives.
  • Support for good governance. Work in partnership with the government, making sure activities advance its plans and approaches, while promoting compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Productive partnerships. Foster strong and profitable partnerships between farmers and private enterprises at all stages of value chains to valorize lands, maximize production and ensure large scale commercialization.
  •  Sustainability. Strengthen farmer organizations and set up structures and mechanisms that will continue to operate after WINNER ends.