Carrying out Year 3 (October 2011/September 2012 period) activities, WINNER is focusing its activities to reflect the new strategy of USAID/Haiti, as stated in our Task Order, amended in August 2011. WINNER project has aligned the goals with the Post-Earthquake USG Haiti Strategy: Toward Renewal and Economic Opportunity and with the USG Presidential Feed the Future Initiative. In line with this Strategy and Initiative, the highest level outcome WINNER now seeks to achieve is to sustainably increase incomes for rural households.

Building upon many of its past achievements as well as a meaningful reorientation, WINNER has now take a value-chain approach, which will augment its past successes at the farm-level through analysis and investments at each stage of value addition, including input markets, storage and processing, local and international wholesale and end markets, and support services (transport, communications, etc.). It will also take a greater look at policy and enabling environment issues. Such an approach will increase the likelihood of sustainability through greater engagement of the private sector and local and national government. WINNER is also focusing its investments to achieve deeper impact, both geographically—phasing out of Gonaives—as well as in terms of focus crops, concentrating the great majority of its resources in the corn, rice, bean, plantain, and mango value chains.

Our activities cover the October 2011/September 2012 period and are based on the new Results Framework, following modification #10 to the WINNER Task Order, which includes three Intermediate Results:

  1. Agricultural Productivity Increased.
  2. Watershed Stability Improved.
  3. Agricultural Markets Strengthened.

New activities have been identified and will be implemented under this revised framework. Relevant interventions from our third work plan (January 2011/May 2012) will continue with some adjustments. Activities related to the “Earthquake Recovery Enhanced” key result have been terminated, with only a few remaining under the Small Business Recovery Initiative (SBRI) that will be soon completed.

We are committed to improve food security by introducing and disseminating technical innovations to modernize Haitian agriculture, bolstering agricultural productivity while stabilizing hillsides. We will simultaneously strengthen value chains and engage the private sector to find markets for and add value to the increased production . Our key beneficiaries will be small farmers grouped into well-structured associations and federations that will be increasingly linked to agribusinesses through mutually rewarding and sustainable business relationships.