The Watershed Investment Fund (WIF) is the main instrument for FTF West/WINNER to directly impact beneficiaries within its targeted corridors.
The WIF is implemented based on the following overarching principles:

  • Balancing strategic long-term objectives with the need to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions and priorities.
  • Strengthening institutional and local capacity so that local communities retain ownership of the activities.
  • Strategic outreach to local communities, civil society organizations, businesses, and local government to promote a bottom-up holistic approach to strengthen impact and ensure involvement of key stakeholders.
  • Building on the accomplishments of past and current projects and overall coordination with multiple donors and projects to maximize resources.
  • Effective and coordinated programming keeping overall strategy in mind at all times and maintaining consistency in project communications and outreach.

FTF West/WINNER activities are financed through the WIF using a variety of instruments. These include grants, subcontracts, direct procurement, training, and short-term technical assistance.
FTF West/WINNER grantees and subcontractors range from newly emerging community groups who may be working with donor funding for the first time, to well-established organizations with a long history of implementing USAID-funded programs. For the newly-emerging groups, FTF West/WINNER works to improve the capacity of the organizations and provides additional opportunities for capacity building throughout their relationship with FTF West/WINNER.