Commercialization of agricultural products






  • Rehabilitation of rural roads
  • Launch of the Farmers’ Market called “Mache Peyizan”
  • Development of the “Chanpyon” brand owned by farmer organizations
  • Large contracts ($2.5 million) between agribusinesses and FTF West/ WINNER -supported cooperatives
  • Placement of products with restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and distributors

Chanpyon LOGO 

  • Distribution of post-harvest equipment
    1. Silos
    2. Tarps and crates
    3. humidity gauges
    4. Mechanized threshers
  • Other interventions
    1. Mobile collection centers
    2. Donkey pack frames for fruits
    3. Packing centers for fruits and vegetables
    4. Processing plants (fruit drying, plantain chips, mango juice)