Three projects were inaugurated in Matheux by Feed the Future West/WINNER

 Project Matheux 1Three projects were inaugurated in Matheux by Feed the Future West/WINNER

 The irrigation system of rivers Torcelle and Courjolle, and the drinking water supply system of Fonds-Blanc are three of the many projects undertaken by the Feed the Future West/WINNER project in the Matheux region which were inaugurated on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, in the commune of Cabaret.

 More than one hundred representatives of associations and members of the community of Cameau, Cabaret, and Fonds-Blanc took part in the ceremony, as well as representatives of local authorities and the FTF West/WINNER project.

 Mr. Joseph Guerol Darcelin, top advisor at the Mayor’s office in Cabaret welcomed the execution of these works which aim to protect people and allow them to have access to irrigation water in the plain of Cabaret: "I want to thank FTF West/WINNER on behalf of the entire population of Cabaret, especially the beneficiaries; it is now time to continue with other work not yet begun in order to ensure greater sustainability of these infrastructures.”

 Project Matheux 2For his part, Mr. Fritz Dorcélus, representative of the association Camelais for Change and Progress (ACCD), expressed his appreciation and contentment to see significant work done in his community, "This is the first time an institution thought of the people of Cameau. This will allow us to increase production", said the farmer.

 In order to protect the banks of the two rivers, and allow the rehabilitation of the irrigation system, more than 6,000 m3 of gabions were built, a ford was constructed, and a parapet was installed.

Project Matheux 3In the Fonds-Blanc community, the problem of water access has been resolved with the repair and refurbishment of the water abstraction site Cassandre, the construction of four fountains, and the rehabilitation of two laundries. "We had lost all hope of having clean water in Fonds-Blanc before the arrival of FTF West/WINNER. Now, water is flowing, and I want to take this opportunity to thank FTF West/WINNER on behalf of the entire population of Fonds-Blanc for this major move", said Jean Paul Merisier from the United Planters for Development of Haiti (OPADH).

 The Deputy Director of the FTF West/WINNER project, Mr. Mario Kerby, said he was very pleased that the project could help restore hope to the people of Cabaret, especially the farmers, while indicating that the population must ensure that the work done is regularly maintained: "This work can be sustainable only if the community members maintain it", said Mr. Kerby.


On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the Feed the Future West/WINNER project handed over equipment to the Environmental Surveillance Corps of Parc La Visite, one of the few forest reserves in Haiti.

This ceremony took place at the Park in the presence of Frantz Magelan Pierre-Louis, General Secretary of South East Delegation, Arcène Baptiste, South East Departmental Director for the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, Environmental Surveillance Corps Director, James Woolley, USAID representative, Jean Robert Estimé and Mario Kerby, respectively Director and Deputy Director of FTF West/WINNER.

The donation from the U.S. Government to the Ministry of Environment includes a 4-seat Polaris, GPS devices, fireproof suits, digital cameras, and mountain bikes, among others.

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In his speech, the representative of the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, expressed the Ministry’s gratitude toward USAID who equipped the Environmental Surveillance Corps with materials which will enable it to carry out its mission: "This support from USAID, through the FTF West/WINNER project will increase the efficiency of the Surveillance Corps in the Park, and will allow the Ministry to deal with many challenges." Captain Toussaint calls for understanding and cooperation of the people of Seguin to allow agents to do their job.