Rural women are honored by the Feed the Future West/WINNER project and the Ministry for the Promotion of Peasantry (MDPP))

Rural Woman 1  Rural women are honored by the Feed the Future West/WINNER project and the Ministry for the Promotion of Peasantry (MDPP)

The FTF West/WINNER project, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Promotion of Peasantry (MDPP), the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) and the Ministry for Women’s Affairs and the Rights of Women (MCFDF), organized a ceremony in honor of rural women on October 24, 2013 at the Canne-a-Sucre Historical Park to commemorate the International Day of Rural Women, fixed by the United Nations on October 15 of each year.

 Over a hundred women from all parts of the country took part in the event, particularly those from the FTF West/WINNER’s project areas, making it an especially festive occasion.  The day was glorified by the presence of John Groarke, USAID Mission Director to Haiti, Fresner Dorcin, the Secretary of State for Plant Production, Yanick Mezile, the Minister for Women’s Affairs and the Rights of Women, and Marie Mimose Felix, the Minister for the Promotion of Peasantry. The mayors of Tabarre, Kenscoff, Croix-des-Bouquets and Thomazeau also took part in the day’s festivities.   

Rural Woman 2 In addition to eloquent testimonies from women present at the event, an exhibition of photographs of FTF West/WINNER project beneficiaries was on display, illustrating how rural women are involved with different aspects of the production chain, from tilling land to marketing produce. The project also showed a documentary about the project’s female beneficiaries, which was followed by comments and discussions, during which the ministers and other women in the audience shared their experiences and expressed how pleased they were to participate in the event.

 “The struggles I have been involved with as a woman activist in this country have been proven worthwhile today when I see the tremendous skills that rural women have gained with the support of the project, partners and the Government.  We will continue to support you in order to achieve a better tomorrow”, declared Yanick Mezile, Minister for Women’s Affairs and the Rights of Women.

Rural Woman 3The Minister responsible for the Promotion of Peasantry, Marie Mimose Félix, who bestowed honors on 10 women, advocated better living conditions for Haiti’s rural women given the enormous sacrifices they make to raise their children: “Today, we wish to express our appreciation by making a gesture in recognition of all that you do.  You belong to the most courageous group of people in the world”, declared the Minister.

  The day also provided the opportunity for John Groarke, USAID Mission Director to Haiti, to offer his heartfelt congratulations and give some words of encouragement to the country’s rural women: “In the name of the United States government, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of Haiti’s rural women for their devotion and courage. On this special day that is dedicated to them, I wish them every success in their lives”.

 Rural Woman 4To mark the occasion, awards were presented to 12 female beneficiaries of the FTF West/WINNER project for their exceptional community leadership, working on behalf of agricultural modernization, family planning and the marketing of agricultural produce.

A Mache Peyizan (farmer’s market) was also organized for the occasion, offering high-quality, fresh ‘chanpyon’ produce at competitive prices, and many of those in attendance had the chance to buy some of these products.   




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On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the Feed the Future West/WINNER project handed over equipment to the Environmental Surveillance Corps of Parc La Visite, one of the few forest reserves in Haiti.

This ceremony took place at the Park in the presence of Frantz Magelan Pierre-Louis, General Secretary of South East Delegation, Arcène Baptiste, South East Departmental Director for the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, Environmental Surveillance Corps Director, James Woolley, USAID representative, Jean Robert Estimé and Mario Kerby, respectively Director and Deputy Director of FTF West/WINNER.

The donation from the U.S. Government to the Ministry of Environment includes a 4-seat Polaris, GPS devices, fireproof suits, digital cameras, and mountain bikes, among others.

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In his speech, the representative of the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, expressed the Ministry’s gratitude toward USAID who equipped the Environmental Surveillance Corps with materials which will enable it to carry out its mission: "This support from USAID, through the FTF West/WINNER project will increase the efficiency of the Surveillance Corps in the Park, and will allow the Ministry to deal with many challenges." Captain Toussaint calls for understanding and cooperation of the people of Seguin to allow agents to do their job.