Strengthening Chanpyon Cooperatives: Truck donations

Donation Truck 1Strengthening Chanpyon Cooperatives: Truck donations

The Feed the Future West/WINNER project donated three trucks to the Chanpyon farmers’ cooperatives of Matheux (COPACMA), Cul-de-Sac (COPACPLA), and Kenscoff/Petion-Ville (COPACK-PV). These trucks, which will facilitate transport of agricultural products will allow farmers to create added value, by ensuring products are delivered to markets in good condition, reducing losses that are usually caused by poor transport conditions.

This donation follows the support provided by the FTF West/WINNER project to the Chanpyon cooperatives, and it falls within the scope of the activities to strengthen agricultural markets in the context of improving marketing and promotion of local agricultural products to generate more income for farmers, and improve food security in the country.  

Donation Truck 2Ronald Champagne, newly-elected President of the Chanpyon farmers’ cooperative of Cul-de-Sac (COPACPLA), expressed his joy and proclaimed the ambition of COPACPLA to "offer real advancement opportunities to its members through this donation which represents a huge support for products marketing.”

It should be noted that farmers supported by FTF West/WINNER also received silos, mobile collection centers, plastic crates, and tarps that have contributed to reducing post harvest losses. These facilities have also had great impact on the quality and quantity of agricultural products that reach markets.

The donation ceremonies were held on October 30 in Montrouis, November 19 in Cul-de-Sac, and November 22 in Kenscoff.

Donation Truck 3

On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the Feed the Future West/WINNER project handed over equipment to the Environmental Surveillance Corps of Parc La Visite, one of the few forest reserves in Haiti.

This ceremony took place at the Park in the presence of Frantz Magelan Pierre-Louis, General Secretary of South East Delegation, Arcène Baptiste, South East Departmental Director for the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, Environmental Surveillance Corps Director, James Woolley, USAID representative, Jean Robert Estimé and Mario Kerby, respectively Director and Deputy Director of FTF West/WINNER.

The donation from the U.S. Government to the Ministry of Environment includes a 4-seat Polaris, GPS devices, fireproof suits, digital cameras, and mountain bikes, among others.

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In his speech, the representative of the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, expressed the Ministry’s gratitude toward USAID who equipped the Environmental Surveillance Corps with materials which will enable it to carry out its mission: "This support from USAID, through the FTF West/WINNER project will increase the efficiency of the Surveillance Corps in the Park, and will allow the Ministry to deal with many challenges." Captain Toussaint calls for understanding and cooperation of the people of Seguin to allow agents to do their job.