Launching of the 2013-2014 winter bean planting season in Matheux

bean planting Matheux1Launching of the 2013-2014 winter bean planting season in Matheux

 The launching of the 2013-2014 winter bean planting season in Matheux was held at the Rural Center for Sustainable Development (CRDD) of Montrouis on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, and it brought together local authorities, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), and dozens of planters. Emile WHILEM, of the Association for Management of the CRDD of Montrouis was pleased that this unifying event took place, and he took the opportunity to present the role that the association intends to play in the upcoming planting seasons in order to ensure continuity after the end of the Feed the Future West/WINNER project.

  For her part, Lynda Despas, Chairperson of the Group of Valiant Women of Bethel, sees this event as a very encouraging sign for those who will manage the CRDD.

bean planting Matheux2Boissoufrant Jean Louis and Aristide Clermont, who spoke on behalf of the farmers, are unanimous in recognizing the importance of launching each crop planting season. It has a motivational role for farmers, they say, adding that they hope to have an increase in yields after the work done to improve the irrigation system in the area.

 Gregory Fritz Cadet, Regional Director of FtF West/WINNER in the Matheux, said he relies on the collaboration of all the entities involved in this planting season in order to ensure its success, which will be translated into practical results through enhanced agricultural productivity.

 The representative of the West Departmental Director of MARNDR, Alexandre Winsor, noted as a profitable experience for farmers and the community to be involved in the launching of the planting season. This is an opportunity for them to know what each entity will do for the planting season to be a success, said the senior official of MARNDR, while promising the planters the usual and effective supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the Feed the Future West/WINNER project handed over equipment to the Environmental Surveillance Corps of Parc La Visite, one of the few forest reserves in Haiti.

This ceremony took place at the Park in the presence of Frantz Magelan Pierre-Louis, General Secretary of South East Delegation, Arcène Baptiste, South East Departmental Director for the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, Environmental Surveillance Corps Director, James Woolley, USAID representative, Jean Robert Estimé and Mario Kerby, respectively Director and Deputy Director of FTF West/WINNER.

The donation from the U.S. Government to the Ministry of Environment includes a 4-seat Polaris, GPS devices, fireproof suits, digital cameras, and mountain bikes, among others.

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In his speech, the representative of the Ministry of Environment, Captain Tacite Toussaint, expressed the Ministry’s gratitude toward USAID who equipped the Environmental Surveillance Corps with materials which will enable it to carry out its mission: "This support from USAID, through the FTF West/WINNER project will increase the efficiency of the Surveillance Corps in the Park, and will allow the Ministry to deal with many challenges." Captain Toussaint calls for understanding and cooperation of the people of Seguin to allow agents to do their job.