A sense of pride and achievement was evident throughout the Communal Section of Desvarieux, Mirebalais. During the last week of July 2011, there was one main topic of discussion at all gatherings: COEPDA, the main farmer’s association in Mirebalais, had been awarded the 2011 certificate of “best quality” mangos in Haiti. According to exporters, this award means that Desvarieux farmers provided the market with the highest quality and fewest rejected mangos within the federation of biological mango exporters, a national group of 12 associations which account for 27% of total mango exports in the country. “This is an award all farmers of Desvarieux should be proud of, and we want to exclusively share it with USAID/WINNER. It is thanks to the project’s support that we could reach such a high level of accepted mangos,” revealed a humble Fistel Cenobe, chairman of COEPDA, the 216 strong farmer association of Desvarieux.

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